Facade panels are standardly produced in width of 2.4 m and in thickness of 25 cm and 30 cm.The lenght of the panel is Lmax.= 12 m for horizontal and vertical panel with thickness of 25 cm. Panels in thickness of 30 cm are produced to the lenght of L=12 m for the horizontal panels, and Lmax.=15 m for vertical panel. Panel in thickness of 25 cm are produced in 3 layers: hollowcore slab 15 cm + 5 cm termoinsulation (usually Styrofoam) + 5 cm finish. In the production of thicker panels of 30 cm there are also three layers: 20+5+5 cm. If a thicker termoinsulation is required there is the possibility to install a thicker layer (example, if we want to put Styrofoam of 8 cm it will be a panel of thickness 15+8+5= 28 cm).
Finishing out the wall panel facade can be performed as natural concrete surface, washed agregate, beaten natur concrete and finishes with a series of prints and other details, depending on the desire of employer or designer. Openings can also be made in the panel with all necessary details for the installation.