MUCIĆ & CO. is a private owned company established in 1992. Main activities are design and execution of all construction works. With a significant presence on the market of the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the short period of time we have built a number of demanding facilities by the “turnkey” system which can be seen in our reference list.

Mucic & Co. has its own production-administrative complex in Ljubuški situated on an area of approx. 180 000m2 which gives space to:

1. automatic batching plant with a capacity of 100m³/h (production and transport of concrete)
2. modern reinforcement shop with a capacity of 200 t/8h
3. production plant for production of prefabricated constructions of reinforced concrete (annual capacity of 220.000 000 m2)
3.1. production of prestressed elements (adhesive and subsequent prestressing)
4. production plant for concrete goods
5. production plant for production of aluminum facades and joinery from PVC and aluminum – annual capacity of aluminum facades is 40-50.000 m2
6. administrative building with design, management and commercial department
7. warehouse facilities of 3.500 m2
8. civil engineering equipment and machines, mixers, pumps, trucks, mobile cranes (30,40,50,70,80,160 and 200 t)
9. open warehouse space
10. complete range of „DOKA“ FRAMAX plates for walls ( 2.500 m2) and DOKA DOKAFLEX plates for floor slabs ( 9.000 m2)
11. Scaffolding 8.500 m2

To our business partners and clients we can offer:

* design of all building construction as well as interiors
* design of all civil engineering
* design of all marine constructions
* „Turnkey“ construction system
* construction of facilities from prefabricated concrete elements
* monolithic construction of in-situ buildings for various purposes (Doka formwork)
* Landscaping
* decoration and fitting out of interiors
* complete range of craft works

In today´ s bussines, the speed of construction is one of the key elements for success. At our production complex we can produce 220 000m2 of prefabricated concerete elements wich we use for construction of facilities for various purposes such as commercial and shoping centers, industrial and production facilities, warehouses and sports halls.

MUCIC & CO. basis it´s success in business exclusively on fast execution of works with maximum respect for the quality of works, agreed contract terms and a complete range of services. Our qualified and experienced personnel together with our resources are key advantages of our company which enable fast construction with optimal costs of construction.

Business center Svetice Zagreb

Poslovni centar Feal – Široki Brijeg